The Weirdness of Hotels


Staying lots of places that aren’t your permanent home always ensures you find all kinds of crazy things that aren’t yours, and never will be.  I’ve made it a habit now to pull back the covers completely from every room I am in to check for suspicious items that the hotel staff needs to remove.  Besides the normal underwear/socks/random pieces of clothing that we’ve discovered, I’ve also learned to check the bedside drawers for treasures.

I’ve found playing cards, cuff links, and even some supplements.  (Of course I didn’t take them, I just was curious as to what they were!)  The bottle said Venapro, and it was something I had never heard of before.  After scouring the internet for Venapro reviews, I determined that Venapro was some kind of homeopathic supplement to help treat hemorrhoids.  I’m sure someone, somewhere is really missing this stuff!

I don’t understand how people can leave behind so much stuff.  I don’t know if this fact should weird me out more, or the fact that the hotel cleaning staff seems to miss such obvious things.  How am I supposed to believe my sheets are actually clean if they can’t find the out of place objects right under their noses?

The germaphobe in me is highly tempted to travel with a self contained sleeping unit that I know exactly where it has been and who has used it.  (Just me, of course!)  But with all the traveling and shuffling around we do, I’ve learned to be able to block this weirdness from my brain, and somehow still manage to sleep between hotel sheets every night peacefully.  And so far, I haven’t contracted anything strange as a result!  It’s a miracle!  Ha!

While it’s not often that you go rummaging through leftovers in hotels to discover the best cream for hemorrhoids, sometimes you strike gold, right?  HA!  Just keeping it weird, guys. Happy traveling!  (Don’t forget to check under the covers next time before you dive right in!)

Looking Fabulous in a Swimsuit!

home electrolysis

I’ve been excelling at keeping up my physique with exercising and a consistent, nutrient rich diet.   Ok, maybe excelling is a little overzealous.  I’m thankful for a high metabolism, and the tiny bit of willpower I possess to go along with it, since I haven’t exactly been killing it at the gym. (More like lounging on the beach.  It’s the life, I promise!)

Good news that goes with that – I’m not in this video:

Anyways – my lack of exercise plan and/or nutrition plan aren’t what’s plaguing my inability to put on my swimsuit and hit the beach.

It’s the body hair.

There, I said it.  Who wants to be the hairy freak on the beach that everyone is pointing and laughing at?  Certainly not me!

But I also don’t want to spend hours painfully removing every last unwanted hair from my body.  I’m not strong enough for waxing.  I always cut myself shaving.  Every grooming ritual I’ve found takes FOREVER.  And when I’m spending most of my time on the beach, I’m not willing to sacrifice the time when my toes should be in the sand with getting rid of body hair.

But, I don’t want to be seen in public with all the body hair everywhere.  I’ve got some crazy family genes to thank for this.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.  The struggle is so real, people.

Sidenote: I’m also growing more aware of how acceptable body hair is in other parts of the world.  It’s celebrated, even.  I just can’t.  Call me crazy, but I like smooth skin.  Yes, it’s natural to have hair, we are mammals, after all, but I’ve been conditioned to this flossy way of life.  And I have to deal with it on a daily basis.  I guess that’s my punishment for being so vain and petty.  Oh well.

Lucky me – my last care package from my mom had chocolate (screw the diet plan), an iTunes gift card, and this super weird laser looking home electrolysis hair removal thingie called the Silk’n Flash&Go.  Thanks Mom!  (I’m guessing she feels bad that she blessed/cursed me with this problem.  Totally don’t blame you, Mom, and won’t hold it against you until the end of time.  Whatever.)

So, there’s that.  Maybe it will be the end to my hair removal woes.  I haven’t mustered up the courage to take it out of the box yet.  It really does look strange, people.  I’m also terrified of electrocuting myself.  You know, if the converters don’t work and all.  Whatevs.  I’ll update you if and when I give it a go.

Maybe staying out of the gym and playing another round of beach volleyball is what’s keeping me awesome?  I’m voting for that.

Do you have any good tips for getting rid of unwanted body hair that don’t cost a fortune or hurt like the devil or take a million hours away from my lounging on the beach?  Ever tried the Flash and Go to get rid of your hair?  How did it work for you?  Talk me in to it, peeps, or it’s going to be a huge waste, I’m afraid!

Other than the pesky hair problem, life is going swimmingly (pun intended!)!  Love it here.  Join us soon – for reals.

‘Til next time!

Staying Beach Ready

skinny shake ideal shape shake reviews


With all the enjoying of the beautiful scenery around here, I like to make sure I’m keeping my physique ready to hit the beach anytime, anywhere.  It’s important to me to not only look my best in a  swimsuit, but to feel my best so I can truly enjoy all the fun and wonder the beach has to offer.  Not only does it take some fitness to get our gear out to the beach, I’m an active person, and don’t enjoy just sitting around.  I want to have the energy to play!  The beach is nature’s playground, and I want to make sure I’m ready and able to enjoy it to the fullest and not have to miss out on the adventures to be had.  Be it kicking the ball around with friends, catching some waves, or spiking the volleyball over the net – count me in!

There are some things I make sure to do, whether I’m on or off the beach, to make sure I’m ready for all this, though!  It definitely doesn’t just happen naturally, and it takes some effort on my part, but it’s truly worth it to feel and look my best.  I’m confident and ready to put myself out there to have some fun!

So… what are the steps I take to be ready?

First- get moving!  It doesn’t matter how or where – just get off the couch and move.  The more I move, the better I feel.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a marathon runner or anything, but I do get off my tush and get active a little every day.  Sometimes, this means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking a little bit further away from the store and walking in.  Sometimes I hit the gym, and other days, playing on the beach is my exercise for the day.  Who says working out has to be boring?!

Another thing I’ve taken to doing is drinking skinny shakes, like IdealShape (read this IdealShape review here!), between meals to stay full.  I know, I know – it seems a little crazy.  I don’t replace meals with these, but I use them as fillers between meals to stay full, alert, and at my best.  I get crabby when I’m hungry – so this makes sure that EVERYONE is enjoying my company because it’s enjoyable!

Lastly, I’ve been practicing being confident in my own skin.  Instead of pointing out all the things I see that are “wrong” when I look in the mirror, I spend some time celebrating myself!  We’re all made just a little bit different (otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place!) and I’m learning to embrace that.  I may not be as skinny as my neighbor on the sand, but I’m strong.  I have great qualities.  I like who I am.  And I believe that shines from the inside out.


Ready to join us on the beach?  It doesn’t take much – just make sure you’re feeling your best, and come join in the fun!  There’s enough beach for us all, and the more the merrier!



You Found WHAT on the Beach?!

good morning snore solution reviews

It’s no secret that we love to spend time on the beaches of DaNang. They are the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy a beverage and some great company. And since they aren’t very well known, we often have the place mostly to ourselves.

We’ve also come to love walking the sands looking for treasures. While we have yet to strike gold, we have found quite a few interesting things along the shore. Our favorites, like the whole conch shell and perfectly shaped message bottle are prominently displayed on our shelf at home. But, we’ve also found a few noteworthy items in the sand that are worth mentioning, even if they weren’t worth keeping, just for the strange factor.

You might not believe us, but these are honestly the three weirdest things we have ever found on one of our treasure hunts!

3. A matchbox car. Of all the choices for sand toys, this would have not even come close to one of the items we would think about taking to the beach. But sure enough, we found not one, but THREE of these bad boys! Either a frequent beachgoer has a thing for these miniature cars, or someone is playing a trick on us!

2. An anti snoring mouthpiece, called Good Morning Snore Solution. Not only does the shape look like an alien octopus with only two arms, the beach is the LAST place you expect to find something like this! The germ factor skeeved me out a little bit (the human mouth is a breeding ground for illness), but even though we didn’t touch it, it still deserved a mention in the strangest items ever to be found in the sands of DaNang.

1. A rusted cell phone. There was no way this baby was ever going to work again, so I’m sure it had been lost for a while. It made us scratch our heads though- what do you have to be doing on the beach to not only lose your cell phone so much that you can’t find it again, or not even notice it was missing enough for it to get buried in the sand? What an expensive mistake!

If you ever decide to come take our word for it, and visit the beaches of DaNang, be sure to keep an eye out for some special items of your own. After all, one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.. or just a good story to tell!