You Found WHAT on the Beach?!

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It’s no secret that we love to spend time on the beaches of DaNang. They are the perfect spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy a beverage and some great company. And since they aren’t very well known, we often have the place mostly to ourselves.

We’ve also come to love walking the sands looking for treasures. While we have yet to strike gold, we have found quite a few interesting things along the shore. Our favorites, like the whole conch shell and perfectly shaped message bottle are prominently displayed on our shelf at home. But, we’ve also found a few noteworthy items in the sand that are worth mentioning, even if they weren’t worth keeping, just for the strange factor.

You might not believe us, but these are honestly the three weirdest things we have ever found on one of our treasure hunts!

3. A matchbox car. Of all the choices for sand toys, this would have not even come close to one of the items we would think about taking to the beach. But sure enough, we found not one, but THREE of these bad boys! Either a frequent beachgoer has a thing for these miniature cars, or someone is playing a trick on us!

2. An anti snoring mouthpiece, called Good Morning Snore Solution. Not only does the shape look like an alien octopus with only two arms, the beach is the LAST place you expect to find something like this! The germ factor skeeved me out a little bit (the human mouth is a breeding ground for illness), but even though we didn’t touch it, it still deserved a mention in the strangest items ever to be found in the sands of DaNang.

1. A rusted cell phone. There was no way this baby was ever going to work again, so I’m sure it had been lost for a while. It made us scratch our heads though- what do you have to be doing on the beach to not only lose your cell phone so much that you can’t find it again, or not even notice it was missing enough for it to get buried in the sand? What an expensive mistake!

If you ever decide to come take our word for it, and visit the beaches of DaNang, be sure to keep an eye out for some special items of your own. After all, one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.. or just a good story to tell!