Staying Beach Ready

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With all the enjoying of the beautiful scenery around here, I like to make sure I’m keeping my physique ready to hit the beach anytime, anywhere.  It’s important to me to not only look my best in a  swimsuit, but to feel my best so I can truly enjoy all the fun and wonder the beach has to offer.  Not only does it take some fitness to get our gear out to the beach, I’m an active person, and don’t enjoy just sitting around.  I want to have the energy to play!  The beach is nature’s playground, and I want to make sure I’m ready and able to enjoy it to the fullest and not have to miss out on the adventures to be had.  Be it kicking the ball around with friends, catching some waves, or spiking the volleyball over the net – count me in!

There are some things I make sure to do, whether I’m on or off the beach, to make sure I’m ready for all this, though!  It definitely doesn’t just happen naturally, and it takes some effort on my part, but it’s truly worth it to feel and look my best.  I’m confident and ready to put myself out there to have some fun!

So… what are the steps I take to be ready?

First- get moving!  It doesn’t matter how or where – just get off the couch and move.  The more I move, the better I feel.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a marathon runner or anything, but I do get off my tush and get active a little every day.  Sometimes, this means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking a little bit further away from the store and walking in.  Sometimes I hit the gym, and other days, playing on the beach is my exercise for the day.  Who says working out has to be boring?!

Another thing I’ve taken to doing is drinking skinny shakes, like IdealShape (read this IdealShape review here!), between meals to stay full.  I know, I know – it seems a little crazy.  I don’t replace meals with these, but I use them as fillers between meals to stay full, alert, and at my best.  I get crabby when I’m hungry – so this makes sure that EVERYONE is enjoying my company because it’s enjoyable!

Lastly, I’ve been practicing being confident in my own skin.  Instead of pointing out all the things I see that are “wrong” when I look in the mirror, I spend some time celebrating myself!  We’re all made just a little bit different (otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place!) and I’m learning to embrace that.  I may not be as skinny as my neighbor on the sand, but I’m strong.  I have great qualities.  I like who I am.  And I believe that shines from the inside out.


Ready to join us on the beach?  It doesn’t take much – just make sure you’re feeling your best, and come join in the fun!  There’s enough beach for us all, and the more the merrier!