Handpicked Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings in Da Nang

I have mentioned how Da Nang is a lush haven for tourists and locals alike; how its tropical beaches take your breath away. It’s heaven on Earth, a hidden jewel waiting to be found. But as you venture onward, you would surely ask yourself “Wait, is there more?”

Food Cravings

I am here to prove to you that this is true. Coming to Da Nang will be a good choice, coming back for the beaches is even better. One thing is for sure though, you will stay in Da Nang for the food.

Like all its Asian neighbors, our restaurants also provide something unique, oriental, or if you want an Asia-Meets-The-West kind of vibe, we have it too. Here are handpicked restaurants in the city that can make you ask for seconds:

Apsara Restaurant Da Nang

If you’re up for a traditional Vietnamese meal, this restaurant is for you. In fact, if you want something really cultural then you will not have regrets with Apsara because apart from its traditional cuisine, you will also have a night to remember as they feature traditional dance performances to entertain you bringing all things Vietnamese. Not only is its décor eye catching, you will also find their services and staff quite accommodating not to notice.

Café Truc Lam Vien

Looking for a place to eat while enjoying the comfort of nature? Try Café Truc Lam Vien because they can give you that. Soothe yourself with tea or coffee in this cozy themed cafe. They also serve buffet-style so looking for the perfect venue of a garden dinner party or an amorous wedding reception already got you covered when in Da Nang. Food is good, a relaxing ambiance, and a very accommodating staff, what more can you ask for?


Le Bambino

Bonjour et bienvenue sur Le Bambino. This restaurant serves both French and Vietnamese cuisine, kind of like being in two places at once. Run by a bi-racial couple (yes, you guessed it right, French and Vietnamese), it is not a surprise that this place is as romantic as it reflects the love the couples have. For that perfect romantic dinner with your special someone, this restaurant is located at 122/11 Quang Trung, Hải Châu District.

Quan Com Hue Ngon

Planning for a barbecue night with friends? Then head out to Quan Com Hue Ngon. After a long day of touring the city, it’s best to chow down in a street terrace on a cold tropical evening. It’s sizzling, it’s golden brown, it’s smoky, it’s all things grilled the Asian way. Nothing beats food when charred up a bit and spiced well. And did I forget to mention that the owner is very accommodating too?